Middle finger keyboard text

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Are you sure of tell you she said. Spinning middle finger: Pissed off smiley finger: Flipping the bird: Smiley giving middle finger. Middle finger text emoticons.
Best Answer: http://angrymiddlefinger.net/text/afinge
If you ask twenty women what they want in a man, some will mention looks, some want to be entertained, money of course, but the big one is confidence.
Can someone please show me how to make the middle finger using my keyboard? Please.
Personal tools. Middle finger text emoticons. . . . . . . . . . MAKE IT POPULARHow to Middle finger keyboard text make the middle finger with text A middle finger made out of backslashes and .
How do you make a middle finger in a text message? ChaCha Answer: ..|.. or E-- are two ways to do so through text messaging. Some way.
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No, the index finger is next to the thumb. Then the middle finger. Then the ring finger.

Middle finger keyboard text

Then the little finger, sometimes called pinky. no its the one between the .
In Western culture, the finger (as in giving someone the finger or the bird), also known as the middle finger, is an obscene hand gesture, often meaning the phrases .

Looking for a Middle Finger Emoticon? Come in and check out our big collection of finger emoticons and animated smileys. They're rude, offensive and free to download.
How do you make the smiley with text with the middle finger?
How do you make smiley giving middle finger on keyboard Any1 know how to make a swearing middle finger with your keyboard?? a bit like the. How do I make the middle .
. the user types cmd and presses Enter. .. Copy. .. 527
FaceTime not activating iPhone 4. Please help!!!1. ..I brought my Canadian unlocked back down to Boston, and am using T-Mobile USA. Well guess what?
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How to make the middle finger in a text message. How to make
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