Is swallowing cum bad when losing weight

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No. It is true that semen has very few calories, so you won't GAIN wight by doing it, but the only way to lose weight is to burn off more calories through exercise .
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Concerned! asks: I have a Is swallowing cum bad when losing weight male friend who always swallows his gum. He never spits it out. That's got to be bad for you, isn't it? Does swallowing gum foul up your system?
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Can swallowing sperm help you lose weight? ChaCha Answer: While ejaculate does not have a significant amount of calories, there is no.
Thank you guys for your help. now I'm sure that I will swallow it nicely.
A: Is swallowing male cum good for you
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is it safe to swallow cum??, Ask your Sexual Health questions at ibibo, Give answers share your knowledge on Sexual Health, is it safe to swallow cum??, ibibo Sawaal .
Swallow semen and drink female vaginal liquid is good or bad for health? what are Is swallowing cum bad when losing weight banifits of this?, Ask your Sexual Health questions at ibibo, Give answers share .
Difficulty swallowing
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