Cant change bbm icon

1. ledna 2012 v 17:25

"For me i like the simpler font like agency fb and that also. "
Just got a t-mobile curve 8520 and i cant change my bbm icon. I dont even see an option to view my profile. Can somebody help me?
Other contacts cant see my bbm status. I've changed my bbm status but it still says my old status for my contacts how do i change it? Transferring contacts from nokia .
Back in August we first checked out Fancy Characters, an app that lets you easily add symbols into messages. Sergey let me know that the app has been updated to .
BB Bold 9000 :: No Messenger Icon - Download BBM Icon I just received a new Blackberry Bold, and I cannot find the Blackberry Messenger Icon. I have had a number of .
Thanks to Azstar for the right up. . 1. Go to this thread from your BB Browser 2. Hit the BB menu button and choose "Select Mode" 3. Scroll to the icon you want to .
I wasnt sure which forum to put this in but.

Cant change bbm icon

We have all been trying to figure out what the option save to home screen does. Last I checked we still
my bb display pic wont change my contact keep seeing an old picture and likewise i have the new messenger and ive rebotted what else can i do?
Please Login to Remove! Hi all. I've searched and can't seem to Cant change bbm icon find a solution to getting rid of the BBM 1 message alert icon. I don't have any new
Please Login to Remove! When you go into options and then profiles (ringtones) is in that list, mine isnt there. So i cant change any notifications,
Go on BBM> Highlight name and Click> Click on picture> Crop & Save.. I did this and . Apparently this problem is with rogers only? I just got off the phone with .
My blackberry bbm contact pictures wont show up & i cant change my bbm picture! hellpp? Solved
i cant find my bbm icon anywhere, not even in the switch applications bar! i was updating it from blackberry app world, then the updating progress failed. the bbm .
I don't like the bbm font color. Is there any possibility to make a change of it? Lots of thanks in advance~

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