Bbm does not show d or r

1. ledna 2012 v 17:03

Is anyone having some bbm issues? its been a few days that i send a message Bbm does not show d or r and there is not check mark but this "speaker" type of logo and i have to rewrite the .
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I had a friend on bbm that I was talking to regularly and then all of a sudden my messages are not being replied to. I dont have a number to contact them .
yes depending on if you have some sort of DVR or similar device then u could if not then i do not believe u can ^^ i hope i helped and thank you for asking please .
My BBM can recieve messages but cannot send any, i have tried everything to fix it like resetting the phone, updating the bbm software, sending a registration message .
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Bbm does not show d or r

might show up box's but work does not mean cause u dont see them we wont we may have more unicoded fonts that support more of a rang of fonts .
I've sent a bbm to a friend and it has a tick but no D or R next to it, what does this mean?
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BBM messages are ususally sent with a tick followed by a 'D' or an 'R' what does it mean when you see neither?
Ok so about 6 months after of owning this phone I just noticed my BBM never EVER shows D and R in

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